How to Obtain Your Cannabis Card

I believe in the power of cannabis to treat a wide range of symptoms.

I'm on a mission to increase access to medical cannabis for those who qualify.

I'm now offering cannabis certifications over FaceTime or the phone.

The cost is $200 and certificates are valid for one year.

Schedule your consultation by emailing

Step by step information from qualifying diagnosis to dispensary. 


Step 1: Have a qualifying diagnosis

Step 2: Schedule a consultation

Step 3: Complete your registration online

Step 4: Receive your medical cannabis card in the mail

Step 5: Visit a local dispensary

Step 1: Have a qualifying diagnosis

Do you have one of these conditions?

Does your condition cause you severe or chronic pain, severe or persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea or wasting syndrome?

If you answered "Yes!" to both of these questions, you qualify! Now schedule a consultation. 

Step 2: Schedule a consultation

During your consultation we will review your medical history and discuss your current symptoms. If you qualify for medical cannabis, we will discuss the best route of ingestion and formulation for your needs.

Routes of ingestion include vaporization, oral capsules and tincture under the tongue. Smoking and edibles are not permitted forms of ingestion in NY State!

The two active compounds in NY State cannabis are THC and CBD. During your consultation we will discuss the benefits of THC vs CBD for your specific symptoms. 


Functions of THC include: reduce inflammation, reduce pain, reduce pressure in the eye, reduce muscle tension, protect the brain and facilitate sleep. THC can impair short-term memory recall and can produce sedation, which means THC-dominant cannabis should be used with caution when working or driving.


Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive! This means CBD can safely be consumed even while working, driving or carrying out other daily activities. Important benfits of CBD include: combat pain, reduce inflammation, inhibit cancer growth, hinder bacterial growth and prevent seizures. CBD modulates some of the anxiety caused by THC.

In NY State, cannabis products come in three general formulations: high THC/low CBD, low THC/high CBD and equal ratios of THC/CBD

Is FACETIME secure?

Yes! FaceTime is an encrypted platform and HIPAA compliant. Rest assured that your private health information meets the highest security standards mandated by the US government. For more information, check out this informative article on FaceTime.

Consultations are performed over FaceTime or the phone, and last approximately 15-20 minutes.

The cost is $200.

Doctor K Members with a qualifying diagnosis can get certified for medical cannabis at no additional cost. Interested in Membership? Send an email to

At the end of the consultation you will receive a signed PDF certificate via email. Cannabis certifications are valid for one year. The second page of the certificate has instructions for Step 3, completing your registration online.

Step 3: Complete your registration online

Congratulations! You qualify for medical cannabis in NY State!

Following the consultation, you will receive a PDF containing your cannabis certificate. The second page of the document has instructions for completing your registration online.

Start by going to If you don't already have a My.Ny.Gov account, you will need to create one.

After confirming your demographic information, you will be asked to upload a recent, passport-sized photo which will be printed on your cannabis card. The fee for the card is $50.

Step 4: Receive your medical cannabis card in the mail

Expect your cannabis card 3-5 business days after completing your registration online.

Step 5: Visit a local dispensary

Find a dispensary near you:

Visit their website and schedule an appointment.

During your initial visit you will have a one-on-one consultation with a pharmacist who will review your symptoms and help pick the most effective cannabis product for your needs.

Wait, is this regulated?

Yes, cannabis is just like any other pharmaceutical! Cannabis is grown organically and processed under strict guidelines mandated by NY state.

Wadsworth laboratories independently tests cannabis products for purity and contaminants.

You must live in New York state in order to participate in the program!

Sorrrry New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut :(

Still Have Questions?

Visit the FAQ hosted by NY State.

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