Andrew R. Kibert MD is a General Practitioner based in New York City.

Frustrated with the impersonal, inefficient and inconvenient American healthcare system, he created a solution: personalized medicine provided whenever and wherever his clients need. Dr. K helps busy new yorkers get even healthier with concierge medicine. 

Dr. K received his M.D. from the mount sinai School of Medicine and his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.


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From routine check-ups and blood work to advice and medications, Dr. K has solutions to your concerns.


To smoothen existing wrinkles and prevent future ones. Also, to treat excessive underarm sweating.


Quick and effective remedies for urgent needs in the privacy of your home, office or hotel.


NY State medical cannabis certification for eligible conditions, e.g. chronic pain, MS, seizures and cancer.

IV HYdration

Electrolyte rich fluid plus options of: vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, anti-pain and anti-nausea meds.


Bespoke, all-inclusive concierge medicine for all of your health and wellness needs. Limited number available.