What: Personalized Health + Wellness. Custom-tailored nutrition, fitness and behavior modification, plus urgent care services, IV therapy and Botox. You can purchase services through membership or on an as-needed basis. Services are designed to complement your existing healthcare insurance, not replace it; your insurance cannot cover the cost of the visit.

Where: New York City. The 20th century house call makes a comeback! I'll meet you at your home, office or other preferred location in the NYC area; or by phone or video conference, depending on your preference and service requested. I do not host clients at my office.

When: 24/7. Planned Visits are scheduled with at least 48 hours notice and Urgent Visits take place as soon as possible. I have limited availability for Urgent requests.

How: the Therapeutic Alliance & Behavior Integration. The therapeutic alliance is the confidential, empathetic and non-judgmental relationship between us. This collaborative environment enables you to maximize achievement of your health + wellness goals. Behavior integration is a method of simple lifestyle changes that, although require effort at the start, soon become effortless as they are incorporated into your everyday functioning. Over time, these small changes will provide significant health + wellness dividends, thereby dramatically increasing your quality of life and reducing your risk of developing disease. 

Emergencies: Proceed to the nearest emergency room. And then notify me.