The Black Bag

I'm Andrew R. Kibert, MD. Fresh out of training from the Mount Sinai Health System, I'm a General Practitioner reinventing the healthcare experience in New York City. The future of my profession is concierge medicine: personalized health + wellness provided whenever you need and wherever you are. You get everything else delivered on-demand .. transportation, food, laundry .. Why should healthcare be any different?

The modern American doctor is like a lifeguard watching over a river, waiting for the drowning to cross his line of sight. Look! The lifeguard spots a lady languishing. He expediently resuscitates the woman, only to wish her luck and float her back on the river. But, they won't stop coming! A sister submerged, a father flailing, a grandmother gasping. If only the lifeguard wondered: How did so many people end up in the river and why don't they know how to swim? #GoUpstream

Medical specialists are adept at diagnosis and treatment of a plethora of maladies. Reductionist medical logic states: disease X is treated with drug Y or intervention Z. Treatment, treatment, it's all about that treatment. More disease = More treatment = More profit. Somehow your wellbeing doesn't factor into the equation. #Rude.

Prevention is the best medicine; however, prevention of disease would decrease demand for treatment. And, you wouldn't want to upset Big Pharma shareholders, now would you? The pharmaceutical and health industry spends more money lobbying congress that any other industry. In 2015 alone, healthcare companies spent over $240 Million to influence the decisions of lawmakers ( Despite a reputation of altruism, healthcare providers are not immune to the monetary incentive that guide human behavior. I reject the treatment-centric model of healthcare not simply because it's inefficient, but more importantly because it's detrimental to your health and wellbeing. #ChangeTheSystemByChangingIncentives

I facilitate a superior state of existence: maximizing self-preservation to protect the mind and body, thereby minimizing the need for future treatment. How? Personalized nutrition, fitness and lifestyle modification. So, will you join me? #ConciergeMD