Purpose, Performance & Pleasure

Everyone desires a life grounded in purpose, built on performance and filled with pleasure.


Old medicine is reacting to problems and providing bandages as solutions.

New medicine is identifying purpose, enhancing performance and maximizing pleasure.


Purpose guides performance and performance yields pleasure.


Purpose: What You Want

What gets you excited?

What makes you leap out of bed in the morning?


Do you want to be top partner at your firm?

Do you want to help those in need?

Do you want to be the best mother?

Do you want to disrupt an industry and make millions of dollars?

Do you want to win gold in Tokyo 2020?


Identify your purpose.

Purpose is your guide to life.

Every person has purpose and this purpose guides performance.

Purpose is the foundation of life.


Performance: What You Do

Now that you've identified your purpose, what must you do in order to achieve those goals?

Performance spans all domains of life: professional, romantic, familial, spiritual, academic, etc. Understanding how to perform, how to act, requires a solid understanding of your purpose in life. 

Performing optimally requires a healthy body and mind.

Without a well conditioned cardiovascular system, strong musculoskeletal system, balanced hormonal system and clarity of mental process how could you perform at your best? 

Sustained performance over a lifetime requires a willingness to care for you body, to maintain your most valuable resource in mint condition.

This maintenance entails a clean diet, active lifestyle, promoting cellular regeneration and avoiding toxins.

Performance is the sum of all of your actions.


Pleasure: How You Feel

The thrill of winning.

The ecstasy of orgasm.

The joy of holding your child. 

The comfort of financial security.

The pride of receiving your diploma.

The gratification of a well-earned promotion.

The satisfaction of being the best person you can be.

You instinctively seek pleasure. Pleasure is the joy of life.

Pleasure is thriving and flourishing in your everyday life and interactions. Pleasure is prosperity.

Your body and mind must function optimally in order to experience all the pleasures life has to offer.

pleasure is the goal of life.