Complete Assessment

Would you build a house, but never place smoke or carbon monoxide alarms?

Would you install an air conditioner, but never change the filter?

Would you adopt a puppy, but never take him to the vet?

Absolutely not.

Because you want these things to last.

Rather than passively await catastrophe, you actively utilize technology and expert opinion. 

You understand the importance of being proactive, of catching problems early or before they occur.

Why you need a Complete Assessment

1. To ensure that your organs are functioning properly

2. To guide personalized nutrition, fitness and behavior recommendations

The Complete Assessment is a tool to prevent disease and maximize performance. The assessment has three parts: lifestyle discussion, physical examination and laboratory testing. The lifestyle discussion focuses on your nutrition, fitness and behavior. The physical examination assesses function of your major organs. The laboratory tests screen for common and life-threatening diseases, known as "ruling out" diseases. Any positive findings may warrant further investigation.


That incredible feeling of relief, comfort and accomplishment. After a thorough investigation, you receive a clean bill of health. There is no better feeling because nothing matters more than your health + wellness. But, inconvenience is an obstacle! You're a busy professional; how do you find the time? The Complete Assessment is performed at the time and location of your choosing. I even draw your blood myself; it can't get any easier than this. The Complete Assessment is the solution to your health + wellness inertia.

The Complete Assessment achieves more than confirming absence of disease; the tool recommends how you can stay disease-free and how you can achieve your health + wellness goals. Based on your results, I will recommend strategies for behavior integration--small lifestyle changes designed to produce big improvements. Typically, I make one or more recommendations in each of three categories: nutrition, fitness and behavior. For example:


  • How can you modify your diet to lose weight? 
  • How can you optimize your diet to boost your immune system?
  • How can you utilize supplements appropriately?


  • How can you improve your cardiovascular health?
  • How can you tone your muscles without going to the gym?
  • How can you strengthen your bones?


  • How can you prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder?
  • How can you reduce consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, etc.?
  • How can you become more mindful?


Complete assessment:

Included with Membership

Price for non-members $400*

*Your health insurance typically covers some or all of the cost of laboratory testing; you are responsible for covering the remainder of any costs.

Laboratory Tests

Based on your personal concerns and demographic factors (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity and sexual practices), I will create a custom battery of laboratory tests, such as:

Complete Blood Count [CBC], to rule out:

Anemia, Infection, Leukemia, Impaired blood clotting

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel [CMP], to rule out:

Electrolyte imbalances, Diabetes, Kidney disease, Liver disease

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone [TSH], to rule out:

Thyroid disease

Lipid profile, to rule out:

Cardiovascular risk factors

Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy Vitamin D, to rule out:

Vitamin D deficiency

Testosterone, total serum concentration, to rule out:

Testosterone deficiency or Testosterone excess

Estrogen, total serum concentration, to rule out:

Estrogen deficiency or Estrogen excess

HIV, 4th Generation Test, to rule out:

HIV within 2 weeks of exposure

Rapid plasma reagin [RPR], to rule out:


Urine Test, to rule out:

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia