The Smarter Flu Shot

Can you even see it? The needle on the left is a microneedle. The needle on the right is how you usually get vaccinated.

Getting your flu shot last year was a blast, wasn't it? You took off several hours from work. You winced as a huge needle delved into your deltoid. And, you didn't question what was being injected because all flu shots are the same, right? Wrong. There are 17 versions of the flu vaccine on the market this season. Which one should you be getting? It's no wonder you dread getting the flu shot, and not surprising if you skip out altogether.

How about a flu shot experience that is convenient, painless and effective?

  • Convenient: Have the doctor come to your home or office; don't waste time in your doctor's waiting room or in line at CVS.
  • Painless: Have the doctor use a microneedle--90% smaller than a traditional needle--to place the vaccine in the superficial skin, not the deep muscle.
  • Effective: Have the doctor inject an influenza vaccine containing 4 strains [Quadrivalent], not merely 3 [Trivalent]. More strains means greater diversity of antibodies. Each year the flu vaccine varies; the more accurate the World Health Organization forecasts which influenza strains will be the troublemakers, the more effective your antibodies will be. 

Preventing the spread of influenza

  1. Frequently wash hands with soap and water (or alcohol based cleanser)
  2. Avoid close contact with sick people
  3. Cover mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing, then dispose of tissue
  4. If you are sick avoid contact with others until fever subsides without use of fever-lowering medications
  5. Vaccination!

The flu vaccine is like getting a sneak peek at your enemy's plans. With knowledge of the foreign weaponry, you will be better prepared to ward off the intruder. The injectable flu shot contains protein from the influenza virus; the vaccine itself canNOT give you the flu. A minority of people do experience flu-like symptoms in the days following vaccination, but rest assured; this means that your immune system is activated and preparing your anti-flu defense. This gaggle of antibodies will form a barrier of protection against invading flu virus. This concept--injecting a small amount of harmful substance to activate learned immunity--is simply brilliant. #cowpoxmagic by Edward Jenner.

Getting the flu vaccine not only protects yourself, it protects those around you--especially anyone with a limited ability to fight infection, such as young children, the elderly and the immunocompromised (e.g. patients with cancer, transplants, AIDS, etc.). This group protection is known as herd immunity, a way to provide protection for those who have difficulty fighting off infection. Get the flu shot to not only protect yourself, but to also protect your granny, your newborn niece and your co-worker with leukemia. To highlight the importance of herd immunity I'm offering a special discount for groups of four or more people. Make sure your family, friends and co-workers all get vaccinated this flu season.

I vaccinate with Sanofi Pasteur's quadrivalent, microneedle-delivered intradermal vaccine at the time and location of your choosing. This vaccine is appropriate for adults, ages 18 to 64. Get the smarter flu shot this season.



$49/person for group of 4 or more

Complimentary flu shot with any regularly scheduled visit during October or November.